Opened in 1984 to serve the educational needs of the congregation, the school offered programs for grades K-4. As time passed, the school extended programming to grade 6 and then to grade 8. In 1995 with enrollment exceeding classroom space, an extensive expansion program added a new two-story classroom building and a large multi-purpose building where the full size gymnasium could support a sports program, provide dining facilities with a commercial kitchen, and staging to allow for performing arts activities. As the years passed the community evolved and the population seeking Christian education in a small and more personal atmosphere, changed. Today, the families whose children fill Trinity School come from the surrounding community rather than from the church membership. The academic needs of the community has caused Trinity to expand programming to Pre-K, VPK, and high school. In June 2020 Trinity's first high school graduation class received their diplomas. Today, Technology and campus-wide WiFi are part of every student's education. However, all the change has not altered our small school atmosphere and our emphasis on values and personal responsibility.

Our Mission

We believe that the mission of the church is two-fold; to proclaim Christ as the Savior to all people and to strengthen the communion of saints by encouraging one another in the faith. Trinity Lutheran School is an extension of the ministry of Trinity Lutheran Church. It exists to provide a quality Christian education through the teaching of a comprehensive curriculum and the Christian faith. Personal attention, teaching values and practicing love for one another, are part of our life together here at Trinity.

Valerie Keipper, Principal

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Trinity offers small classes and personal attention for every student. Our program begins with Pre-K (3 year olds), then VPK (4 year olds), Kindergarten, Elementary Grades 1 - 6, Middle School Grades 7 & 8, and high school Grades 9 - 12. Technology use is everywhere at Trinity. Early Elementary grades use "Fire Tablets" to become familiar with technology and to discover how it can be used as a resource. Upper Elementary - High School use Google Chrome laptops as well as a well equipment computer lab. The entire campus is covered with WiFi access so that technology can be used anywhere on campus. We feature a multi-purpose building for lunch, school-side gatherings, and we use the full size gym for our basketball and volleyball teams. Take a tour and discover the welcoming and nurturing atmosphere where your child can learn important skills, subject content, and develop good character and responsible behavior.