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Who we are

- Loving and nurturing God's children

- We are a family where students of all ages interact with each other daily

- Academic achievement is stressed without forgetting that character and values form who we are.

- Our goal is to provide a safe, loving, and nurturing learning environment

Trinity School is a ministry of Trinity Lutheran Church. Our name is Lutheran, but our students come from a variety of faith backgrounds. Lutheran schools help young people grow into well-rounded, spiritually grounded adults. While students first enroll at Trinity at every grade level, many begin in our VPK program and continue at Trinity through high school graduation. Our academic program is accredited through the Florida-Georgia District of the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod, and meets Florida Department of Education standards. We offer smaller class sizes, a friendly open campus, and a welcoming atmosphere for parents.

Compare Schools

Osceola County Public Middle Schools average enrollment = 1150 students (8 schools with over 9200 students)

Trinity School total school enrollment is less than 200

??? Where will your child be more successful, happy, and treated with more individual attention???

Trinity accepts the following scholarship funding programs:

Step-Up for Students

McKay, Gardiner, Hope Scholarships

Family Empowerment Scholarship

These income based awards may make Trinity attendance possible!

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