Called by faith, our highly qualified teachers, specialists, and coaches commit each day to serving the whole student - academically, emotionally, and spiritually. 

Meet Our Team

VPK3 - July Claudio;                               

VPK4 - Susie Bain;                                       

VPK4 - Jennifer Hernandez;               

K - Karen Jackman                                    

1st - Susanne Hopper                               

2nd - Yaelis Butterbaugh                        

3rd - Shani Gonzalez                                  

4th - Aixa Baez-Albarran                                

5th - Cindy Sharman                                   

MS/HS Social Studies - Lauren Scalf  

MS/HS Science - Amanda Moratelli   

MS/HS ELA - Ashley Hutcheson           

MS/HS ILA - Patricia Plaza                         

MS/HS Math - Beau Carrier                      

MS/HS Int. Math - Fernando Tirado     

MS/HS Media - Kat Alvarez                        

PE and MS/HS Religion - Ryan Hammond

Art/Music - Tammy Owens